Saturday, October 8, 2011

Taryn's Blessing

May your plans be interrupted, disrupted, rearranged.

May you find yourselves far outside your comfort zones.

May your waters be stirred and your weaknesses laid bare so that the beauty of God could be made more visible.

May all you lack be used by Him as well as all you have.

May your vulnerability be an act of worship.

May your Christ-centered minds be sharpened, hearts softened, eyes widened, hands opened and wills daily relinquished to Your King.

May you realize the seemingly serendipitous moments in your life have been orchestrated by an all-knowing, plan-having, loving Father.

May your own agendas not get in the way of God’s.

May these cornfields surrounding you be a constant reminder of a the beautiful, sometimes confusing, truth-unearthing and life-altering season in which God has placed you to grow, become, thrive and catapult you into changing the world.

May your devotion to Jesus be unwavering.

If the moment your own dream dies and God’s dream for your life taking root has not yet arrived, may it soon.

May you with all boldness wave the white flag over your life and offer it to God as His loving channel meeting human needs to His glory.

May you not choose the path of least resistance but of greatest submission to Your Creator.

May every step you take across this campus, every credit hour accrued, every movement you make towards that moment your diploma is placed in your hands be another layer of your surrender to God.

May your cap thrown in the air your last day on this campus be your symbol of a life offered up, a lifetime of servanthood to the SERVANT OF ALL.


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