Saturday, December 8, 2012

Merry Enoughness

I should truly turn my phone off today
And spend 15 min. with the God who gave me life
Find something to say “thank-you” for
Because for this I was created

I will close my eyes
and call him, “Father”
Because the simple truth that I’m His child
That He loves me
That He loved me enough
To send his son
To die for me
Is enough



I don’t need any extra blessings.

I’m enough.

Me without anything added

Me, and Jesus, and My Father

with the Holy Spirit
He gave me.

“It is better for me to leave, so that my advocate can come,” He said.

I believe
that God is for me.

I believe
that there is a reason for this day.

I believe
that there is a reason I’m here to live it.

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