Friday, July 9, 2010

s0uL T@Ll%

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like.
Stripped down to my soul. What would I see in the mirror? Walking down the street...
What would I want most? Absent of the need for food, soap + water, shoes, breathing...

I would want every single beautiful moment in my life, again.
I think I would want the people who smile and touch my forehead with theirs to be talking about anything, because in every word they say they touch my heart.
I'd want something soft playing in the background...something with acoustic guitar.

And I would want to feel the sun and not worry for once about skin cancer, any kind of cancer.
I wouldn't have to think about sickness or worry or death or sadness or hate.
I wouldn't have to think about all the reasons why there isn't peace in Israel.
Why there isn't peace in my hands.
Why I can't just touch something and will it to be happy.
Why I can't just see my future now, and get prepared.
For how ever many kids.
Wherever I will live.
If I'll live for something like that.
If I'll live and never see that.

And I think I would just close my eyes and be happy to be just a soul. Because I would feel bad for everyone else who had to worry about MONEY and TIME and NOT HAVING ENOUGH of things they don't really need anyway. I would just try to remember what it felt like to have my hand held because I wouldn't have hands anymore. And I would try to be a thoughtful soul, because there wouldn't be a need for thoughts anymore...or electricity. And I would just sleep in the flowers so I could smell like them, I think. And I would just whisper loudly about how important it is to really see someone for all the good that's inside of them, and wish that someone, preferably someone small, would here me.

If I was just a soul.

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