Saturday, August 7, 2010

You want some ketchup with that catch up?

So I thought I'd write a little post sharing what I've been up to these past few days.

Today and the day before it were dedicated to a garage sale (more like a "driveway sale"..I spent too much of my time explaining to confused customers that nothing in the garage was for sale) and it was very interesting to see who showed up. Some people are dedicated garage sale shoppers, let me tell you. We had people at our house BEFORE 7, poking around in our windows to see if we were awake. Many of said shoppers lack a good foundation of manners as well as basic time-telling skills.

We sold a great many items, with one woman purchasing 11 articles of clothing in one shot, as well as our old history curriculum, and various odds and ends. You would've thought she was at Kohl's, the way she was pawing through the hangers on the clothing rack.

To celebrate, we went to one of our favorite local restaurants for dinner this evening. I wore my new jacket, because the establishment is run by a Muslim family, and I wanted to act appropriately. Of course, when I got there, more than two people were eating whilst sleeveless. Also, of course, I managed to leak a VERY GOOD AMOUNT of mediterranean sauce on the pocket of my new jacket. How lovely.
Let's just say whatever they put in the sauce has got the power, this stain may never, ever come out.

The other part of my weekend was spent creating my "corner". After happening upon some strands of mini striped, Chinese lanterns destined for the G-sale I was inspired. This damn corner took me longer than planned, because of course I couldn't use regular tape, oh no, only unsightly blue painters' tape would be permitted. This tape does a brilliant job at keeping the paint on your wall, but not such a great job at STICKING THINGS WHERE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO GO. This tape was MESSING WITH MY VISION peop
le. I almost went all HDTV on it's behind. Anyways, the corner is a hit. The picture doesn't do it justice.

Notice my guitar in the background. You can sorta see the paper flower I made with my crafty
friend Sarah that I wound around my guitar stand.

I'm really digging bows these days. My short hair cut is lovely most of the time, until I get bored with my life and can no longer resort to my usual time waster of hair-doing. Ergo: bow making. I came upon this specific craft when I helped a florist friend make bows for the corsages of a friend's wedding. None of them made the cut...haha. This is one of the originals. I love the lavender color against my dark hair. Also, if you're considering getting a short haircut, DO IT! Most of the time I am so happy with the fact that I can just wash it and go...I only miss my longer 'do when there is nothing to do.

Sorry about the sparse blogging as of late. I am working on a *short novel cough that I will probably never finish cough* special writing project that has been sucking up all the time I allot to writing, and lashing out with a terrible case of writers' block. Ah well. I love the verses of it I have penned thus far. It is about the loss of a loved one, rebuilding, but mostly LOVE. Having a non-existent love life is kind of wonderful for me right now. This "project" is a way of escaping the everyday.

And....I keep listening to this. The lyrics are just perfect for me right now, with me about to "flee the nest" and all. I find myself getting shaky-wobbly feet all over again. It's like I'm remembering what it felt like when I didn't know how to walk. I guess watching home movies of my early years isn't helping that one :)

"And you are not alone in this. You are not alone in this. As brothers (sisters!) we will stand and we'll hold your hand, hold your hand."

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