Monday, September 13, 2010

college, Part I

First of all, I love my hall. My most favorite girls on the whole campus live across from me and in my room. They're a well-balanced swirl of intensity, curiosity, beauty, and compassion that makes me smile, proud to be a girl. My roommate is studying to be a nurse, and even though on the outside she melts practically every guy's heart who has the wonderful opportunity to meet her, she is feircely smart, and knows more about human anatomy than I ever will. Learning things inspires her, and she is well-read on a great many, many things. The first girl across from us is an MK from Morocco. Her auburn hair and sweet laugh fringe the sweetness of her kind spirit; she loves easily and with true confidence. She already believes in me, even though we just met. She speaks a mix of Moroccan Arabic, French, and English (Arafrelish?) when she talks to people from home, and her global perspective far outweighs my own due to her ability to cast out judgement and replace it with pure interest. And then, there's Jas. Oh man, has she set my feet a-movin'. Cross country runner, a mop of naturally blonde hair all atop unstoppable determination and a positive spirit that sets a room aglow. How blessed are we to know her! Us three discuss this often. She keeps our hearts running toward our dreams, and compliments first even though her popularity might give her a ticket to act otherwise. She's funny, unapologetically loyal; a true life-lover. My life is blessed each and every day by these 3...they've helped drag me out of my homesickness and worry about this whole college thing.

The only time I really feel cool here is when I ride my motor scooter around campus. It's only been a week since Lucy's arrival to school, and she's already the talk of the town. Little wicker basket strapped to the front carrying my purse and whateverelseIhappentograbwhileIrunoutalreadylatetochapel, she keeps me somewhat on time (somewhat, everyone...), and I've recently found myself anxious for my classes to end so I can experience the wind in my hair, swerving through pedestrian traffic glee that comes with turning the throttle in my palm. It's been nice to have her here, since my dorm is the FURTHEST from campus...the FURTHEST...yeah you heard me correctly. Across from us is marriage housing, and I can UNDERSTAND why they'd want those folks far away, achem achem... But why us?!? Us newly budded freshly planted-here freshmen ladies, hearts a'fire for the newness of classes and college life. Why so far away? Ah well...experience breeds learning.

So far I'm not an expert on much here. Especially not directions (apparently I take the LONGEST ROUTES POSSIBLE to get places, unbeknownst to me). I'll be sure to fill you in on new things about college I find particularly blog-worthy in the future

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