Saturday, May 7, 2011

Guest Post-Jasmin Banachowski

I Run
July 26, 2010

I run
I am a runner, in more forms than one.

I run for fun, to race, to win, for challenge,
Up high hills, down country roads, in moist heat, through chilled rain,
To build strength, both body and mind...
So, in the long run, I will have
Structure, work ethic, determination, and self worth.

I run for elections and leadership positions,
To be involved,
And to keep things running smoothly.

Sometimes, I feel like I'm always on the run,
And there's always something or someone running through my mind.

This can cause me to run into things,
Whether it be a low branch
A frustrated mother telling me to "put my clothes away..."
At times, I run out of fuel, because I overwork, and because
I forget to look at my fuel gauge.

I tend to run from reality and problems, because
I hate being wrong...
...facing the truth when I'm in a fantasy.

I run from my
Anger and frustrations, and
Pretend they are not there, only to find that
I lost my loved ones, my support for my race, on the way.

I become lonely, and decide it's time to
We can run this race together,
Making our journeys
Safer, smarter, more enjoyable.

No matter what I run for, to, on, through, into, out of, or from...
...I always run to my God

This run is not what you would call an "easy run", but a constant, hilly battle.

-Sometimes, I i feel like this race is never-ending. I get run down, and my pace may slow.

-Sometimes, I take a wrong turn, or run after the wrong thing.

-Many times, I stumble and fall, get scrapes and "broken bones".

But instead of giving up, turning around, or going down the easier path,
I work toward the
Straight path...
...Right to my Father.

Though it's tough,
I feel strong.

I can run over obstacles and
Get up when I fall.

I will run, and run,
Until my race is done.

Because, it's a race I will

And, because I wouldn't want anyone else to run my life.

-Jasmin Elyse Clarey Banachowski
July 2010
Edited by Call the Sound

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