Friday, May 20, 2011

Some heavenly pictures

I don't know if there's anything worth studying
I lose my breath when I allow Your colors into my world
And if You're really outside of time, do you see us like this?

Fast-forwarding into blurs of industrialized dust and concrete grays?

When Eden was standing and love pulsed through earthly veins...
When no one was forced to fathom pain...
Were there harmonies playing, drifting through the wind?
Before sin...and hatred...and You watched human evil begin...
Did you want to


Did Eve ever recognize the blessing?
What women would do to step one day in it...
Garden colors...were they like these?
How did you know which light went where?
Swimming in parallel lines, poking, sharp and in endless supply...
How confusing are our lives in angels' eyes?
I don't know if there's anything worth studying
What will I need when I finally live in untainted color?

(Thank you to Teso and their heavenly pictures. So amazing to know that...these images reside under the feet of much grander will those colors be?)

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