Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Like there's a name for the catching of breath in throat, veins pumping looser, silver, warmer, gold.
They say, "you're beautiful!"
And you wonder, if there's a way to freeze this moment forever,
Then melt it later, spread it on days dry and barren of anything to boast.

Like you needed someone to say it, louder than your own thoughts.
Yeah, you did.
Because when they say, "sup, pretty girl?"
You turn, because you don't feel you belong.

Believe it, beautiful.
It's your turn to love yourself.
Adore the small, charming eyes
See the color of chocolate, not dirt.
See the way it frames your face, the too small-just right smile.

When they say it next, know it anyway.
It's not just today, it's everyday.

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