Monday, July 25, 2011

A post on finishing a series

So, I finished the third book in The Hunger Games series, the other day, and..I gotta sucks to finish a series. I think I've figured it out...when you get to know a character beyond one book, you start critiquing them because you feel like you know them. When they act like a wimp unnecessarily, you're shouting in your mind, "man up!! come on now...find your inner champ! I know you can..." When the heroine ends up with a guy...kinda by default..because the other one moved away, you find yourself genuinely concerned..thinking thoughts like, "Hmm..if Gale would've stayed, would Katniss' life look different? Probably not..but then again...MAYBE. IT. WOULD. HAVE. She should have gone to visit him JUST TO SEE what he was up to." Certain things are difficult to just leave in the epilogue...such as..NOT KNOWING THE NAMES OF HER CHILDREN....I somewhat understand it..trying to appear all suave by addressing them as "the dancing girl" and "the boy with the blond curls" but...seriously...when readers have grown to respect and love the driving force of a story..that's cruel and unfashionably rude. Obviously, I'm having withdrawals...

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