Friday, December 2, 2011

Live; Content.

Below are some words from a wise man named Max. The question is not 'are you addicted to porn?' but 'what is your porn?' We all have an idol(s) and we've all been addicted at one time or another. Our eyes can't stay on God's if our hands aren't holding on tight in a circle of community. Celebrate fellowship. Celebrate freedom from obedience to sin. Don't celebrate alone. Make friends... Jesus did.

"Using pornography is rarely about using pornography. It’s always about something else. For sex provides immediate power and gratification. It smothers anxiety and tension. Sex validates us, and makes us feel loved. And while these things may make us feel good and worthy at the time, they only empty us faster than we can be filled. Which keeps us going back again and again. Because it’s the fastest, easiest way to seek gratification when we are discontent and lonely.

Pornography THRIVES on loneliness.

A multi-billion dollar industry that depends on the exploitation of your loneliness.

A loneliness that doesn’t disappear with marriage or sex.

Loneliness disappears with contentment.

Contentment with who you are.

Contentment with who God created you to be.

Pornography is resistance.

The resistance against contentment.

Resistance stops us from living the lives we were meant to live"


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