Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm posting this, because there might be someone who's ever felt this way.

I wrote this a long time ago, in a notebook. When I was writing in it yesterday for homework, I found it. It's very metaphorical and dark (probably one of the darkest ones I've written). I constantly find these random poems (ramblings?) and I just feel like it won't do any good staying where it is. I'm learning to love myself (and my dreams) these days...drama included :)

I am judged
As you dry up everything I like about myself
And leave the faults
I'm left with my faults

I am loved
Under a microscope that searches me for anything you dislike
I'm staring into your eyes

Breaking like a glass that shines unpure

Here you go, here's my skin
You can take what you see
but leave my soul

It's desperate
This calling
That haunts me when I dream
I know I'm not
good enough for it
Thank you for reminding me.

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