Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's 2010 brotha!!! Smile pretty!!!


That's all I gotta say.

First off....I might just fail pre-calculus...again. I understand it perfectly well...until I take a test.

It's so cold outside I just want to walk around with coals in my pants.

And finally, I'm getting annoyed with the earlier darkness since winter's come.

Let me start off by saying I kicked off the new year in style.
Went to a party...hosted by a pretty famous business man in Florida.
Watched everyone else get crazy about the lobster and filet mignon dinner.
Wore a party hat with feathers before midnight = awesomeness.
Marveled at fireworks shot off the beach.
Looked at antique and extremely expensive cars and vespas belonging to unnamed business man.

It was a blast. And let's not forget the resolutions!!
(A couple years ago, my resolution was to be a vegetarian...and I kept it. I hope that's a good omen for 2010 since last year's "write more letters to my friends" reso. was kind of a bust.

Uno. Gym membership. Need to work out and tone. Maybe it will give me energy, maybe it will make me feel a little closer to being fit.

2. Learn how to sew. Preferably baby things that can be given as baby shower gifts. How cute would it be to receive a little pink dress handmade by a friend?

And... Spread a little more joy

I'd like to end this post mentioning the fact that my first day back to school went poorly. I got so upset during Pre-calc that I actually started shaking, and then I used the "independent study time" to take a walk around the school and cry a little. I'm becoming one of those cliche rebel-at-heart-sick-of-the-small-town whack jobs found in Lifetime movies.

But that walk helped me get it together.

Because life is not measured in bad days. It's measured in days that take you breath away, remind you why life is great, or inspire you to be a better person. It's measured in prayers answered, successes after failures, and trying your best.

This year try your best! Don't let this year just fly by...it shouldn't be forgotten!! Remember every moment and smile!



  1. C - let me know if you ever outgrow the need to take a walk and get it together. I still employ that trick on a fairly regular basis.

  2. And, your thoughts and goals were truly inspirational...