Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I forget how much my grandma loves me

Holiday Shopping.
Need I say more?
Who doesn't love getting all bundled up and walking with Jack Frost nipping at your nose to go buy gifts for people who probably don't need them? Haha..just kidding! I love Christmas/Hanukah shopping...it's tremendously exciting!! I love gift wrap and tissue paper and glitter and ribbon and all of the "NEW" this and "ON SALE" that. My favorite store is Anthropologie (http://www.anthropologie.com) because even though it's a chain, all of the stores manage to seem different. The stores are like happy little worlds where fairies spend all day sewing soft and beautiful costumes of wonder. One of the greatest things about Anthro is the attention to detail. This season, the store is decorated with paper snowflakes and giant animals made out of pages. So cool!
I took my grandma there yesterday, and she just COULD NOT GET OVER the fact that a wooden stump was being used for a store decoration, "Now, If my mother could see this, she wouldn't b'lieve it...stumps belong in barns not..ugh". Anyways, it's been a while since I've shopped with Mammaw, and I'd forgotten how eager she was to make me happy...because every time I exclaimed "Oh I LOVE this", and "THIS IS SO CUTE!!" she would linger there for a few seconds like she was going to buy it. I wanted to say "Mammaw, just because I say I like it doesn't mean I HAVE TO HAVE IT!". It was a little horrifying, because then I realized I had said something in a happy giddy voice about way too much stuff and I hadn't meant to indirectly ask for it. I began to try something different. Instead of being melodramatic and carelessly scattering hyperbolic exclamations about the stuff I liked, I'd say "It's ok...I mean it's nice"...which felt too weird so I went back to my fat-kid-in-a-candy-store voice. I must say I am disappointed with my lack of restraint. What can I say, I'm a sucker for all things magical.

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  1. C - this post made me laugh. I have been on many similar shopping trips. Love you, MW