Thursday, September 3, 2009

Everyone who had a crappy day, say "aye"

There is very rarely a time when I have good luck.
I know some people don't believe in luck, and others let it rule their lives by spending all their money in Vegas or on lotto tickets, but my luck is more like the casual ray of sunshine that lands on you during a good hair day like a golden spotlight. Today, my parents had a meeting, so I was gonna order food at school. Since I'm a vegetarian (woo-hoo! aren't we cool!!), I struggle to enjoy my school's lunches, because honestly, the veggie options taste like crap. My mom also had a meeting yesterday (she usually brings my lunch everyday cuz she's cool like dat) so I was forced to eat Bosco sticks.


For those of you who don't know what a Bosco stick is, refer to the image above. Sure, they look all cheesy, salty, and delicious...but they're really oily, stale, and make your stomache feel crappy..(well this is my experience with them, yours might be different). Anyway, today I was pumped because it was BLACK BEAN BURGER DAY!!! HOORAY!! I got to school early, ordered my burger with conviction, and smiled every time I thought of the great lunch I was gonna have. When I got to Pre-Calc second period, I spent the majority of the time between "so frustrated I want to rip up the marker board" and "on the verge of hot and angry tears". I hate that feeling. The one where everyone is getting it, writing the answers without any confusion, and understanding how they got there. Still, every few minutes I would chant it in my head while praying for some light-bulb of understanding, "black bean burger, black bean burger, black bean burger..." and I actually felt happier. The greatest moment of failure during class was when my whole group got the same answer, "A", and proceeded to ask me what I got for the same question:

"So, what did you guys get for #6?"



"I got A too" "Alright!" "Oh yeah!!" (high-fiving simultaneously)

"Hey Caroline, what did you get?"

Me: (deep sighing) "B, (In a really quiet but seriously salty voice) math can suck it, seriously"

And everyone laughed, because that is truly the most innappropriate thing I've ever said at school. But anyway, I kept chanting to myself about lunch..

Fast-forward to lunch. The line nearly wraps around the school (ok not really, but it was soo long) and I'm in the back. When I finally got to the front of the line, the lady says, "Sorry, your name's not on the list". Let me just say that yesterday, I brought this same lady a sunflower because I knew she was probably stressed, (since she's new to the front desk and all) and I know it's not her fault that my name wasn't on the list, but I was mad at her like no one's business. I said, "Wait, I have a witness!", and showed her my fellow classmate who has the same 1st period class as me (where our 'lunch count' was taken). His name was ALSO not on the list and when he realized this, he was salty. "You'll have to stand on the outside of the line and wait 'til everyone whose name is on the list gets their lunch first. If there's a lunch leftover, we'll give it to you", she said. And with that, she placed a nice black bean burger on the side for me. 10 min. later, my burger was gone, as was everything else. But wait!! She could give me some "Bogo sticks" from yesterday. Ok, I believe I clarified my hate for Bosco sticks, but in that moment, I felt tears welling up in my eyes.

I went to the bathroom and sobbed. Crying is good sometimes. Especially when you can laugh about something like the new front desk lady calling Bosco sticks Bogo sticks. Anyway, I talked to my advisor about it (referencing the silliness of it all several times) and she gave me her apple and $2 for the vending machine. It was such a nice gesture, and I wish I could say I refused honorably, but I didn't. Moments like these remind me that I'm still young, and so blessed to have wonderful people around me everyday :) (even if they do give me a lot of homework)

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