Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A note about Jesus' sandals

I never really thought people looked at my shoes
but today, during my Government class, I had the following discussion with the student sitting to my right.

"I hate Jesus sandals!"
Me: "What?"
"You know, when girls wear sandals like what Jesus wore. It's like, NO! Those are his sandals. And they're not even nice looking without the big robe he wore. I mean, that robe covered them most of the time anyway."
Me: "Well I guess people think they're still in style..."
"My people don't need to be wearin no Jesus sandals. We wear J's, 'forces, Tims, fuhlip-fuhlops!"
Me: "Hang on..what are Jay's? And..vorces?!?"
"It's like..if you saw someone carryin a staff around like Moses', you would not stand for that. I would not stand for that. I'ma gonna beat up anyone who carries around a Moses staff, cuz you just don't do that!"

and then the teacher interrupted. "As I'm looking around at this class, I can already judge who's going to pass by the people working quietly and dilligently, and those who are choosing to live below the line and socialize with their neighbors."
so yeah..conversation over.
But I've been learning a LOT of new things from people in Government. For example : new words.

1. Salty: pissed, upset.

When our teacher asked the class to write adjectives on the board that we believed described 'government', someone wrote 'salty'. He said he wouldn't erase it because he was too curious to learn the definition. 3 people began to talk over one another to prove it was a real word. "You know, like if you get slapped in the face by your friend, you feelin salty!" "Or like Nixon in the Watergate scandal, that dude was saaal tay!"
Laughing ensued, but I appreciated adding the new word to my lexicon.

The vocab lesson continued with this word:

2. Grimey: doin u wrong or dirty... backstabbin...

Many of my classmates agreed that American government promised things only to go back on the words said. They felt deceived, and were unsure whether or not they could trust any politicians.
I'm really enjoying this class, and look forward to learning new things everyday.

And go deep.
let's now talk about feelings :)
here's a poem of mine. it's an original so don't rip me off and use it for something and say that it's yours...cuz that's plain grimey and you don't want to see my salty way! It'll scare you. anyways...karma. remember that.

Go out that door and find the sunset you've been missing
Follow that sound, you hear it everywhere,
because no one cares
Because no one knows

They've all lived
They've all chosen

This is your choice and it's broken.
Soar through your soul
Fly before Heaven, take control

Home is gone
Without one your feet will carry you on

Where are you going? It's great not knowing. That's how your life is...this life that's yours.

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