Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"Because you can be whatever you want to"

Who loves Halloween? (let the me-ing commence) I still dress up. Yeah, I'm probably too old and yes, people do give me the little half-smile "aren't-you-too-old-for-a-head-to-toe-costume?" look. I don't care and in all honesty, that kind of makes the holiday even better! Last year, I braved the criticism and dressed up like Sarah Palin. It was a great costume, especially since I actually like Palin. Somehow it was okay to scold the insults of my fellow neighbors while I was wearing Palin get-up. The year before I was a tootsie roll...it's wonderful being a candy. Before the slow and painful death of a hungry person's mouth, you're well loved. The year before I was Marie Antoinette. Let me start by saying most people thought I was a Disney Princess. "Oh are you Belle?" and other such nonsense. Ari was King Louis, but of course everyone called him "Captain Hook". This is so troubling! I wore a heavy wig and everything! Anyway, I gained a new appreciation for her, and the many back aches that silly wig probably gave her.
This year, I'm going to be a fairy. I love saying "I'm going to be a _____". It's so thrilling...reminds me of my childhood when I wanted to marry Franklin the turtle.
Being anything you want to is such a great message. I hear it everyday, but there's really only one day when it's socially acceptable to dress up like the Phantom of the Opera because "your mom made you" (even though you actually spent hours putting the costume together), like Elvis because he's the "king" (even though we all know you sing 'blue suede shoes in the shower)
So...dress up for Halloween. Even if you aren't going trick-or-treating, don't have a Halloween party to go to, and hate pumpkin flavored anything. Wearing someone else's clothes is a learning experience, and seeing someone else in the mirror is quite liberating.
I already snagged the end of a fairy wing, I'd suck as a fairy. I've gained a newfound respect for Tinkerbelle...

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