Monday, November 16, 2009

Acrostic Poem

Loosen my headache-causing ponytail
Open my mouth the same time my heart closes
Volunteered-out I decide to just go with my brother
Every time I get myself looking lovely, I wonder who it's for

Is it okay to wear Uggs?
Saturday's too far away from now

And I sing 'Somewhere' for the sixtieth time
Learning how to breathe at every rest is still an issue
Late again? Oh, no, it's at 6:30.

You'd be surprised how nervous a person can get
Opal-fuscia-tangerine scarf to add some color
Undecided, I choose the Dorothy monologue. I'm almost sure everyone else will yell @ Chico.

Now I'm so cold I forget where my skin stops, as we make it to the building
Embarrassed, I excitedly borrow some ballet flats
Did I mention I'm shaking?

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