Saturday, November 7, 2009

"I've never loved nobody fully, always one foot on the ground."

Think back in the mixed up pools of your mind. You've probably heard those words before, in a song. If you can remember but don't remember who sang them or what song it was, here you go:
Fidelity, Regina Spektor
Her name first off, makes me think of
Inspector Gadget, and his cool hat
My friend Regina, who also has ruby-copper colored bouncy curls
and...the advantages that come with inspecting expiration dates...they're small but they could prevent you from drinking some sour orange juice.

Anyways...Regina came to New York from Russia when she was nine. Her family is Jewish, and her English is still broken in a cute English-is-so-not-my-first-language sort of way. I love hearing her talk almost as much as I love hearing her sing, because even in her broken English, she says some amazing and goose-bump creating things. She has an incredible smile, almost always wears red lipstick, and has an insanely great sense of style even though she always dresses modestly. I watched an interview of her today, and she said something that really got my attention...

“It’s really important to be free. I think freedom…freedom of mind and spirit and really taking chances and fully understanding that at the end if you don’t take those chances, if you’re not free, if you get enslaved by your own insecurities or society or things that you’ve been taught or any kind of thing, if you don’t stay free than at the end no one’s going to congratulate you for going through life in a really proper way. You’re not going to get a prize or anything like that it’s just going to be you’re loss. And so knowing that to really try and stay true to myself and to constantly be on the lookout for loss of freedom, even if it’s by my own self, like when I make myself enslaved in some way, to break out of that.”

This was her response to "what's most important to you in your life?" And I was thinking...what's most important to me in my life...because obviously WOW FREEDOM'S A BIG ONE! Is there anything that could be bigger? I was thinking about it, and everything I came up with was impossible without freedom. Even LOVE, without the freedom to express love, it would struggle to survive.

Listening to her speak, even with the scattered "y'knows", and "like" this, "like" thats, reminded me why listening to people matters, and to not be fooled by giddy laughter and a big smile, people can be nice and smart. People can be nice and smart. Like REAL nice, like talk-to-you-in-a-happy-voice-even-if-they-don't-know-you-very-well nice.

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