Wednesday, November 4, 2009

woo-hoo road trip...and a nod to our country

Tomorrow, I will be presenting my brochure I wrote for Government class, Freedom and Liberty...on being a citizen, to a group of I-guess-they're-special-and-important people in a city about an hour away from here. Let me just say...I'm more excited about the bus ride there than the actual day of presentations, even though my brochure features some truly beautiful pictures/illustrations/colors, and I managed to incorporate some artsy-creative characteristics while I hit every content topic WITHOUT LOOKING AT THE RUBRIC PEOPLE. That happened to be an accident, but still, I'm Einstein no kidding. And considering the fact that I'm "failing" two of my classes (at my school that means lower than 90%), it was quite a face lift to receive 100% on something I was sure was going to be another adventure in academic flop. Not because of the assignment, but because I have trouble with writing clearly sometimes. I'm actually having a friend do the actual presenting, but I will come up on the stage at the end to answer questions. Might just have to tear up a little when she reads the letter to a "New American Citizen" at the end.
So I thought I'd share the intro that will be read before it's presented:

This brochure is being presented not for the sake of showing something, but because the ideas expressed within its pages are becoming increasingly important as the years go on. The actions of citizens shape government by letting those in charge know what the public wants out of its country. Actions made by American citizens that are uneducated could actually destroy the democratic principles and go against the vision our founding fathers had. It sound extremely cliché, but a country that is, in essence run by the people, relies on its people to sustain it. As long as people are informed of the issues and decisions concerning American politics, and maintain real human relationships with other people in their community, democracy is indeed sustainable. This brochure is an attempt to encourage Civitas, or freedom acquired by being a community leader, and was initially a project designed for welcoming new American immigrants into the country. It is very important that EVERY American understands his or her rights, and it’s equally important for Americans to become involved in their government to sustain their rights and liberties. Consider this a reminder of why it’s great to be an American, and why it’s important to stay conscience of politics in these changing times.

Amazing right? Peace, love, and Jonas

HAHAHA....that was a joke...I hear they're nice people...but I'm not a "fan"...per se...their old stuff was better

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